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Soul Services

Soul Services

Past-Life Regression Therapy

Evolution is a slow process. In terms of evolution of the soul, we experience many opportunities to explore and “perfect” our growth through this and many other lifetimes. As an example, consider the rings in a tree. Every ring represents a “season” or lifetime, each one building and solidifying the base or trunk of the tree—the soul—in order to create the foundation for how the tree will continue in its growth. The tree is exposed to many elements during each season and develops or grows according to whether it receives enough nourishment or experiences trauma or damage. Just as the ebb and flow of seasons is visible within a tree’s rings, our soul also experiences many seasons. Each one affects the next to make us who we are today.

Past Life Regression Therapy helps you to delve into your past in order to better understand and thrive in your future. This specialized form of hypnosis helps you reach a deeper understanding to challenges within relationships, resolve life lessons or patterns, and even heal health concerns that may have originated through soul wounds experienced in prior lifetimes. This form of therapy has been researched by experts for several decades and can offer critical explanations to many previously unanswered questions.

Dr. Kelly was trained by psychiatrist, Dr. Brian Weiss, the leading expert in Past Life Regression Therapy. Following international recognition for his pioneering work, he opened the Weiss Institute to train practitioners to complete this integral form of soul healing. For more information go to

Please Note: Although Past Life Regression Therapy can be an effective and powerful method of healing as a stand-alone method, it can serve as a potent enhancer of other forms of healing—including psychotherapy—as well. However, Past-Life Regression Therapy should not be sought in place of traditional psychological services.

For more information about how Past-life Regression Therapy can help you please click on this link to learn more and to watch an informative video. Click here

(Please note: I am currently only doing the PLR therapy for ongoing clients. Thank you!)

Soul Realignment

Soul Realignment is an advanced method of healing that takes information from the Akashic Records to a whole new level! This system provides a non-touch healing technique designed to help you understand and release deep emotional pain, fear, and negative energy that are stored in your “pain body”. The pain body is the accumulation of unresolved emotional discomfort that gets “stuck” in your energy field, causing blockages to healing, ongoing disappointment and dissatisfaction in life, and an inability to reach your highest potential.

While working with my Soul Health Model helps you to better align, heal, and balance your life from your challenges within the human condition, Soul Realignment can assist you in healing the deep “soul wounds” that have been created both in your current lifetime and in past ones as well. Much as a car accumulates dents and dings over time, we also collect similar wounds to our soul throughout each lifetime. When left unresolved, these wounds begin to add up, weigh us down, drain our energy, and make healing and moving forward in life nearly impossible. This can make us wonder why everything feels like an effort, as well as result in feeling both hopeless and helpless in achieving our goals.

For more information about how Soul Realignment can help you please click on this link for more information and to watch an informative video. Click here

Akashic Record Readings

Most of us are so busy navigating the human condition that we forget we were a soul first. Your soul—the essence of who you are—has often traveled through many lifetimes to make you who you are today. Both our trials and tribulations result from the karmic trail we’ve blazed, and by finding out more about your soul’s journey, you can better understand, heal, and thrive in this life now.

The Akashic Record is the energetic “log” of your soul’s journey, from the time your soul originated from source until the time when you will eventually return home. Your “stops” along the journey—your lifetimes—provide endless opportunities to learn and “perfect” your soul as you evolve beyond your daily challenges. Whether you are a young or ancient soul, the Akashic Record holds the energetic imprint of your thoughts, feelings, memories, actions, and deeds experienced in each lifetime. This accumulation of energy creates the lessons and experiences necessary in each successive lifetime that assist in our evolution.

For more information about how Akashic Record Readings can help you please click on this link for more information and to watch an informative video. Click here

Soul Coaching and Consultations

The soul is the essence of who we are, and when something in our life is misaligned, we can feel unwell or unbalanced. Whether going through a life transition—either personally or professionally, soul coaching and consultation can help you identify which aspect(s) of the human condition need attention in order to lead your most radiant life. Once identified, you can not only overcome any obstacles that are hindering your success, but also reset your life so you can fully thrive.

Using her Soul Health Model as the basis for helping you realign your life, Dr. Kelly helps you assess what is blocking you from the life that is rightfully yours. She has created her own systematic process of assessments, exploration exercises, planning strategies, and problem-solving tools that helps you get unstuck and back on your way to optimal living.

Dr. Kelly believes very strongly in partnering with you through the soul coaching process. Once an initial session is completed, together, you and Dr. Kelly will form a formal plan for aligning your life. Sessions are usually scheduled in “packages” to help you get the most out of your coaching experience.

  • Individual Coaching: Due to the dynamic nature of Soul Coaching, it is possible to schedule appointments from all over the world using phone or video conferencing.

  • Group Coaching: If you have a group of individuals who would like to participate in coaching together, arrangements can be made to accommodate all members. This is an incredible way to learn from one another while benefitting from the support each member can offer within the group coaching experience.

For more information or to schedule an initial session, please contact Dr. Kelly directly at 336-659-3923 X 1#.

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Soul Coaching

Please note: Soul Coaching is not a form of psychotherapy and cannot be billed to insurance.

“To know your soul is to know true health. Only then can you reach radiant living.”

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